I love real estate of all types. I sell homes, condos, townhomes, land, commercial buildings and yes even mobile homes.

I have been licensed since 2004 and it just keeps getting better. I bought my first home in 1985 in North Delta and my first real estate investment property in 1989. It was a land assembly of 3 properties and I was able to have this property rezoned from single family homes to multi family 8 units per acre. You can still see the development today located at 208th and Telegraph trail in Walnut Grove. Since then I have owned more land for development, commercial buildings, built spec homes, owned condos for rent and pre sale construction. I have done partnerships, joint ventures, owned property personally and in corporations. I managed all of the properties myself gaining extensive knowledge of people, procedures, leases and contracts. I have learned how to structure investments for tax purposes and liability and can assist with putting the whole package together. I have a wide variety of connections to help the process go smoothly.

Before I was a realtor I was a banker for 10 years, worked for a personal development company and started my own business teaching women about wealth and money and taught others how to invest in real estate for profit. That was a great experience that led me to get my own real estate license and start my own real estate business.

I have just received my designation through the real estate board to work with Zoomers. I passed with flying colours and received my SRES Seniors real estate specialist certificate. With my family experience working with my parents, aunts and uncles and clients of mine I have gained extensive experience with structuring of assets for easy transition and tax strategies.  I have a variety of professionals to help with all of these changing needs. The importance of having our financial affairs in order with wills, trusts and power of attorney cannot be ignored. Whether it is a legal matter or helping to sort out our things, down sizing or home support I can help.

My husband and I also have an excavating company for the past 33 years. I have been the secretary, bookkeeper, dispatcher and have managed the day to day operations since then. Although few years ago I hired an amazing bookkeeper to manage the accounting process and she does everything including taking the records to the accountant for the year end. Like hiring a real estate professional to buy and sell with I new it was time to hire a professional to manage our bookkeeping needs. I say best thing I ever did.

I am also a mother of 2 wonderful girls that are almost all grown up. They are following in our foot steps as entrepreneurs as one daughter has her own cleaning company called Maid by Natalie and the other daughter works with Natalie part time and is attending university. We are very proud of them both.

I consider myself a go to person and have many professionals on my team such as painters, lawyers, accountants, bookkeepers, landscapers, handyman, mortgage brokers, insurance specialists, home inspectors, decorators, stagers, builders, flooring experts, web design, home designer, plumber, electrician, moving company, automobile repair and service, joint venture specialist, locksmith, cleaning company and an excavating company.I am never too busy for your referrals and you can trust

me to treat them like Gold.Let my award winning experience help you make your next move.Liz Crawford

Meet Natalie…

Natalie was raised in the Fraser Valley and started her career here at a young age. After 5 years of small business ownership, she found herself fishing for something new. She loves being an active agent with the Crawford Team at Remax, and enjoys diving in to serve every client’s best interest. Natalie brings her dedicated work ethic to the team and knows how to listen. She cares about getting great results! With her trustworthy service you will have an awesome experience working with her. When she has free time, you can find Natalie with family, friends, or on the river with the catch of her life. Follow her line at
Facebook @crawfordteamlangley or
Instagram @crawfordteamremax