May Newsletter

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all you Mom’s, soon to be Mom’s, Wanna be a Mom, sister, auntie, women, etc. It takes a village to raise our children and we appreciate all the help we can get.

We decided this year to go on a hike and hiked Lindeman lake in Chilliwack. It is not a long hike but does have some elevation. The lake is a beautiful green colour and is extremely cold.

It is the time of the year to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Gardening, walking, beaches, hiking, picnics, bike riding, relaxing. There are so many great things to do in the spring and summer.

Here is a link to some of the hiking trails around the lower mainland.

Whistler is also another great place to go at this time of the year. There are many activities going on there and you can participate in them or not. There is hiking, biking, walking, people watching, shopping, gondola, bungee jumping, ATV’s etc.

We hope you all enjoy your time with friends and family.

Spring market has arrived with more homes being listed and sold. It is a good time to make a move. Many families are looking to move before the next school season hits and before summer holidays. If you are selling and buying at the same time then it doesn’t really matter what the market is like. Sell high, buy high, sell low, buy low.

If you are thinking on making a move please give us a call or email and we would be happy to meet with you and promise to make the transaction as smooth as possible.

If you like seafood there is a new seafood store in town. Called Maritime Seafoods Inc. It is located at #103 19162 22nd Ave. Surrey Check it out on facebook.

We sell frozen Haddock, Scallops, Clams and Lobster. Lobster meat, lobster tails and live lobster. We sell in house lobster rolls and will soon be having seafood chowder, fish chowder and clam chowder.

Come and see us. 604-834-2323

Have a great month,
Oh, by the way…if you know someone who would appreciate the level of service we provide, please call us with their name and and contact number. We’ll be happy to follow up and take great care of them.

March Newsletter

Hi friends,

Who else got a jump start on your spring cleaning this past weekend while it was sunny? My daughter cleaned our house for us while we are away- lucky us! We have some friends who are in the cleaning business, so if you need help let us know who we can connect you with. We have great organizers, cleaning companies, vehicle cleaners, movers and landscape referrals for you! Natalie spent a day out on the boat in the Indian Arm on Saturday and here are a few photos from her day. There are so many places to explore and we love living so close to the mountains and beautiful rivers. They stopped at granite falls, saw elk, seals and a muskrat during their day up the river.


Hey! If you’re cleaning out your closet and purging things you no longer use, contact me to donate your gently used or new purses to the upcoming event called Power of the Purse. It’s on April 25 at Newlands golf center. Our soroptimist group is raising money for the Langley Memorial Hospital mammography clinic.  It’s a really fun night with lots of purses being sold at great deals, as well as brand named purses on auction. If you’re interested, here is a link to the event.

Spring is just around the corner and we are looking forward to longer, warmer days. If you haven’t had a chance to check out our seafood store, make sure you go by soon! We are going to be hosting some fun events so reply back to this email to be included in the upcoming events email from Maritime Seafoods. With the nicer weather arriving, most people start eating lighter and I have to say our store has some great recipe ideas to go with your seafood selections. Check it out on Facebook for some ideas too!

Your guide to take you from Sold to Home! Moving Checklist.

Before you list your home:

  • purge – the more you get rid of, the less you have to pack and unpack during your move
  • read strata minutes (your Realtor should do this) but it’s good to know yourself if there are any upcoming levies on the building. This could affect pricing and timing of the sale.
  • Give your tenants proper notice and time to move if they need to. See the rules at
  • Make sure your home is clean including the carpets because this could affect the sale price.

Subjects are removed (It’s official!):

  • save money by getting Life Insurance instead of Mortgage Insurance (ask us for details)
  • start collecting boxes, shrink wrap, tape and blankets to cover large items
  • put your valuables in a safe place so you know where it is on moving day, or put it in a safety deposit box
  • Get measurements for the rooms in your new home
  • choose and enroll your kids in the new school
  • order your pets new ID tags. Here is an online site for you 

30 days before moving:

  • schedule cable and phone cut off date with company
  • schedule hydro cut off well in advance
  • get home insurance 
  • arrange for friends/family to help you move if you don’t want to hire a moving company. IDEA-(Have a packing party!) Box things up together with some wine and everyone is happy
  • LABEL the boxes as to which room they will be going in, LABEL fragile items
  • forward your mail at the post office so the new owners don’t get it
  • Purchased a smart home? Check with your realtor to get the seller’s instructions on any surveillance system, smart locks and smart thermostats
  • Reserve the elevator if you’re moving to or from a strata building

2 weeks before moving day:

  • address change (driver’s license, banks, bills, friends/family)
  • follow up with your moving helpers or moving company to confirm date and time
  • connect with a handyman/painter/cleaner etc if you plan to make changes to your new home
  • (strata properties) book the elevator and parking spot out front for the moving truck
  • order your pets new ID tags with the new address
  • schedule cable and phone companies to set up at your new home
  • arrange for childcare for moving day

2-3 Days before moving day:

  • pack a bag of clothes and toiletries for the first night in the new home
  • take photos of how the electronics are plugged in so you can refer to it later
  • Make a file for everything the new owners will need. Extra keys to things other than the front door, garage door openers, instructions to the alarm and the mailbox number
  • Empty and defrost fridge and freezers

All moved in:

  • (Strata) sign up for easy payments online within 14 days
  • Change the locks to your new home and check that the smoke alarms are working
  • Have trades come in before setting furniture up if you want to make any changes 
  • Ask your realtor about any concerns or questions you have when we follow up with you!

BNI – The World’s Leading Business Networking and Referral Organization

We are starting a new BNI chapter in Langley. We meet every Tuesday morning at 7:00 am at the White Spot in Walnut Grove. We are in the pre-launch mode, hoping to official launch in August. We are meeting weekly so that we can invite quests and future members to meet those of us committed to building a strong group of business owners looking to create powerful and knowledgeable relationships with business owners that we feel confident to refer our friends and clients to.

We invite you to come meet the people who have committed to open and build this exciting new chapter and find out more about BNI, any Tuesday you are welcome but I recommend you make a note to attend Tuesday March 20 when our Area Coordinator will be there to answer questions.

Please RSVP:

Why Join BNI

Increase Your Potential Client Base

By building strong and lasting relationships with other entrepreneurs, you will participate in a network of exchanges allowing you to increase your client base. These referrals and recommendations will help you grow your business, because together we are stronger and grow faster!

Evolve with Our Development Programs

With BNI, you get the support and resources you need to grow. We offer an array of exclusive training programs; webinars and many other activities for our members that will help you improve your business skills.

Take Advantage of Great Networking Opportunities

In addition to being part of a group of entrepreneurs who will introduce you to their own client bases and distribute your business card, BNI increases your future prospects by hosting many networking activities. You can participate in up to 52 meetings per year and meet professionals from all types of business sectors.

Take Advantage of Exclusive Tools for Members

When you join BNI, you get access to BNI CONNECT, an exclusive networking platform with more than 200,000 members. This will help you assess your business development skills, allow you to participate in focus groups and even view webinars online. With our network, you will constantly continue to grow!

Learn more about BNI

Cheers! to 2018

Happy New Year friends!

Thank you everyone for your trust in us this past year. We really appreciate your business and your referrals.

I love the New Year as it feels like a new beginning. I like to reflect on the past year and make some plans to eliminate what I felt didn’t work for me and make some new plans on what I would like to see my 2018 look like.

We had a wonderful New Years Eve with friends at Newlands. It was Glen’s birthday and his Brother Allan plays in the band called Hamilton Harvey. They play great music and we danced all night. Great food, great band with great friends. Make for a wonderful evening.

Then some good friends Don and Janice were married at the cutest little church in Ioco. What a beautiful wedding, everything was perfect.

We are off to a good start to the year with some great travel plans and some big business goals.

If you are a business owner and you are wanting to grow your business this year, please come out and check out a new networking group a few of us are starting here in Langley. I have been involved with this organization for the past 12 years and it has been very good for my business.

We are meeting at Sammy J’s Grill and Bar on the patio from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm.
#101 19925 Willoughbrook Drive, Langley.

Please come early and stay later for networking. Bring your business cards.
RSVP to by January 26, 2018
This is an information meeting only you will just pay for what you eat and drink. If you have any questions feel free to call or email me.

Our business is 90% referrals from past clients and networking. With this chapter you will have a sales team of 20 plus people listening for opportunities to refer you to others. It works!

Oh, by the way… if you know of someone who would appreciate the level of service I provide, please call me with their name and business number. I’ll be happy to follow up and take great care of them.

Warm regards,

Liz and Natalie

5 Reasons to give us a call today!

Welcome to a new calendar year where we set new goals in our lives whether it be personal or business related. Liz and I are excited to start fresh and see what 2018 brings for us and our friends and families. Below is an article about some of the other ways besides buying and selling properties that we can serve you in Real Estate. We look forward to connecting with our current, future and past clients and taking care of business with you!

Have a party on us after all of the moving tasks are done!

From hours of looking through listings and viewing homes, to packing and moving everything you own – lets face it, moving gets stressful.

How would you like to have a party after it’s all said and done? Not just any party… You don’t have to plan, cook, bake, or even decorate at this one. We’ve put together an opportunity to host your own Housewarming Party where your only job is to start creating new memories and have some fun! This is optional for any Buyer of ours.

So first thing’s first! When it’s time for your home to shine, we’ll offer you a housewarming party for FREE! Within 3 months of your move in date, we’d love to show you our thanks by doing this for you, your friends and your family. We’ll walk you through every detail we have planned and ensure everything you expect is what you get. Fact: Liz and Natalie love throwing parties!

For the last housewarming party we did, our clients did their invitations with a Facebook event. Nobody has time for snail mail anymore, right?! So it’s up to you, and the choices are endless. Some other options are Evite, Eventbrite or we can get a list from you of your 50 closest friends and call/email them with an invitation to your party.

On the day of the event, we find it’s best for us to show up a half hour to hour ahead of time to set up. We’ll have everything we need. Food, Cake, Decorations, and Directional Outdoor signs. All we need from you at this point is table space. How easy is that! As guests arrive, they are greeted and the fun begins. At our last housewarming, the guests had a BYOB (bring your own booze) rule. Somebody even brought the home owners a mini keg, which was accepted with no hesitations. Haha! Your guests are not obligated to bring anything. About an hour into the party, we’ll invite our photographer in to capture some first moments with friends in your new home. It’s optional but this was a HUGE hit at the last party!

Liz is a fantastic cook, so it goes without saying that she brought some good food at our last hosted event. She did up some beef dip and pulled chicken for 30 guests plus some kids. Our friend Karen from the Fort Bakery made us a large chocolate cake which was amazing as well! There are other flavor options to choose from too. YUM!

I think the highlight of the party for the host is doing the grand house tour for their friends and family. This seemed to put smiles on everybody’s face. They did the tour in a few groups and were pleased with everyone’s reaction and love for their new home. So there you have it. A grand slam of a Housewarming Party with the Crawford Team. We’ll leave it to you after about an hour and a half for your friends, family and for you to enjoy.

If you’re interested in buying a home with the best and getting party perks too, call us today!

Why Hire An Agent with SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialist) Designation?

How does it benefit me and my family to hire an agent with SRES (Seniors real estate specialist) designation?

1. A SRES designated realtor loves working with senior clients! They will be especially careful when helping you decide what you’re next big move will be. These agents have the experience to consider with you whether it’s best to look at downsizing, living in an adult community, or finding a respectable retirement home. A senior’s specialist has extensive knowledge in the 50+ real estate market, which can ease the process of choosing a home. They are aware of future needs such as cost, location, services nearby, amenities, and activities.

2. A realtor who specializes in working with 50+ clients has experience in helping you and your family stay comfortable and connected throughout the process of moving. Your agent will show extra care and patience while working with a time frame that fits your needs. They also enjoy getting to know you with a visit, where listening and asking the right questions is important to them as much as it is for you!

3. A SRES agent has a large network of businesses that you can rely on for a stress free move. Your agent can direct you to reliable people for Movers, Accountants, Financial advisers, Mortgage specialists, Lawyers and more. Their extensive knowledge of the real estate process will ensure you the BEST experience, where offers and negotiations made on your behalf get the BEST results!

Contact Liz today for your FREE consultation, and FREE Market Analysis.

YIKES 2016 Property tax increases

Well fellow Langley residents, I received my property tax assessment yesterday and like many of us we are experiencing large increases. My property assessment went up by 20%. So I called the Township of Langley to find out what that will look like for July 4th, 2016 and they say until the Minister of Finance sets the Mil rate they do not know what the actual increase to your property taxes will be. This rate is set in May. If you pay monthly they always increase the monthly payment by 5% from the previous year. I will have to put away extra money so it is not a big surprise when we do get our notices. This could be quite a hardship for many as everything keeps going up and up. Below is how the taxes are calculated. I also went to the last council meeting and taxes again were a topic of conversation and yes the township will be increasing the taxes as well. Seems everything just keeps going up and up.

Mil Rate Calculation

Each year, council, during its budgetary process, approves the amount of revenue required to operate the municipality. From this amount they subtract the known revenues, such as grants, licences and permits. The remainder represents the amount of money to be raised by property taxes. The amount to be raised is divided by the total value of all the property in the municipality and multiplied by 1,000 to decide the tax rate also known as the “mil rate.” The calculation expressed as an equation is as follows:

amount to be raised

total taxable assessment

X 1,000 = Mil Rate

The word “mil” is derived from the Latin word for one thousand (1,000). In tax terms, one mil is equal to 1/1000 of a dollar or one dollar ($1.00) in tax for every one thousand dollars ($1,000) of assessment.

A sample calculation:

A town needs $30,000 to balance its budget. The total taxable assessment for all properties is $5,000,000.

$30,000 (amount to be raised)

$5,000,000 (total taxable assessment)

X 1,000 = 6 = Mil Rate

The mil rate must be applied uniformly throughout the community, although certain properties, such as churches and schools are exempt from real property tax. Council, itself, may exempt certain property owners from paying property tax. That is why the mil rate is calculated on the total taxable assessment.

Property Tax Calculation

The amount of municipal tax payable by a property owner is calculated by multiplying the mil rate by the assessed value of a property and dividing by 1000.

Mil Rate x Assessed Value


= Property Tax Bill

Using 6 as the Mil Rate, a taxpayer with a property valued at $55,000 would be sent a tax bill for $330.

6 x $55,000


= $330