Why Hire An Agent with SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialist) Designation?

How does it benefit me and my family to hire an agent with SRES (Seniors real estate specialist) designation?

1. A SRES designated realtor loves working with senior clients! They will be especially careful when helping you decide what you’re next big move will be. These agents have the experience to consider with you whether it’s best to look at downsizing, living in an adult community, or finding a respectable retirement home. A senior’s specialist has extensive knowledge in the 50+ real estate market, which can ease the process of choosing a home. They are aware of future needs such as cost, location, services nearby, amenities, and activities.

2. A realtor who specializes in working with 50+ clients has experience in helping you and your family stay comfortable and connected throughout the process of moving. Your agent will show extra care and patience while working with a time frame that fits your needs. They also enjoy getting to know you with a visit, where listening and asking the right questions is important to them as much as it is for you!

3. A SRES agent has a large network of businesses that you can rely on for a stress free move. Your agent can direct you to reliable people for Movers, Accountants, Financial advisers, Mortgage specialists, Lawyers and more. Their extensive knowledge of the real estate process will ensure you the BEST experience, where offers and negotiations made on your behalf get the BEST results!

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YIKES 2016 Property tax increases

Well fellow Langley residents, I received my property tax assessment yesterday and like many of us we are experiencing large increases. My property assessment went up by 20%. So I called the Township of Langley to find out what that will look like for July 4th, 2016 and they say until the Minister of Finance sets the Mil rate they do not know what the actual increase to your property taxes will be. This rate is set in May. If you pay monthly they always increase the monthly payment by 5% from the previous year. I will have to put away extra money so it is not a big surprise when we do get our notices. This could be quite a hardship for many as everything keeps going up and up. Below is how the taxes are calculated. I also went to the last council meeting and taxes again were a topic of conversation and yes the township will be increasing the taxes as well. Seems everything just keeps going up and up.

Mil Rate Calculation

Each year, council, during its budgetary process, approves the amount of revenue required to operate the municipality. From this amount they subtract the known revenues, such as grants, licences and permits. The remainder represents the amount of money to be raised by property taxes. The amount to be raised is divided by the total value of all the property in the municipality and multiplied by 1,000 to decide the tax rate also known as the “mil rate.” The calculation expressed as an equation is as follows:

amount to be raised

total taxable assessment

X 1,000 = Mil Rate

The word “mil” is derived from the Latin word for one thousand (1,000). In tax terms, one mil is equal to 1/1000 of a dollar or one dollar ($1.00) in tax for every one thousand dollars ($1,000) of assessment.

A sample calculation:

A town needs $30,000 to balance its budget. The total taxable assessment for all properties is $5,000,000.

$30,000 (amount to be raised)

$5,000,000 (total taxable assessment)

X 1,000 = 6 = Mil Rate

The mil rate must be applied uniformly throughout the community, although certain properties, such as churches and schools are exempt from real property tax. Council, itself, may exempt certain property owners from paying property tax. That is why the mil rate is calculated on the total taxable assessment.

Property Tax Calculation

The amount of municipal tax payable by a property owner is calculated by multiplying the mil rate by the assessed value of a property and dividing by 1000.

Mil Rate x Assessed Value


= Property Tax Bill

Using 6 as the Mil Rate, a taxpayer with a property valued at $55,000 would be sent a tax bill for $330.

6 x $55,000


= $330


Tis the season of Gratitude

Hi Friends. Since my newsletter is talking about gift giving I thought I would share with you what we are going to do this year. We only exchange gifts with our immediate family and this year have decided to give something you want, something to wear, something you need and something to read. Keeping it simple and still fun. I have decided to volunteer more this year helping again as an elf at the Langley Christmas Bureau and at a Santa Breakfast for families in need.

For my past clients I have sent out invitations for our annual Christmas tree giveaway, which is always a fun event. We have hot dogs, donuts, cookies, coffee and hot chocolate. We bring in snow for the kids to play in, have a fire pit and great Christmas music. Its a great day for everyone.

I have also mailed my 2016 inspirational calendars to my past clients as well. If I have missed you and you would like one please send me an email.

I thank you for your business and appreciate all the referrals from your friends and family. Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. Let’s make 2016 the best yet.

Thank you,


Fall market arrives soon

Summer is almost over although you wouldn’t know it by the weather. It has been an amazing summer both for real estate and for families on vacation. As you can see by the stats the sales are way up and the listings are down. If you are looking to sell it is a great time. The condo market is still down so if you are thinking of renting you should consider buying a condo. I have a one bedroom for sale in my newsletter that is about the same as rent but you will own it down the road. I also have a 2 bed 2 bath unit in the metro and it is also very nice, if you need something larger and you will love it.

Sun, fun and water

We are in an extremely hot market right now. Not only is the weather hot so are our real estate sales. Prices is some areas are seeming to be very high so if you are looking to list your home this is a good time. If you are looking to see what the current value of your home is please give me a call and I would be happy to let you know. Have an awesome summer, stay safe and have fun.

Don’t let your friends and family buy directly from a developer or listing agent

Published: September 29, 2014
There’s no law that says you can’t go it alone.

But the real question is: “Why would you NOT want to use the FREE services of a professional whose whole career is spent helping people turn the dream of home ownership into reality?” And in almost every case, it is the Seller, not the Buyer, who pays the Realtor’s commission on the selling price of the home. If you are a Buyer, using a Realtor doesn’t cost you a cent – but it can save you thousands of dollars!
Some home buyers think that if they don’t use a real estate agent, the Seller’s agent will give them a kick back on the commission.These home buyers mistakenly think that if the Seller has the opportunity to pay less in commissions, he/she will share those “savings” with the buyer. Fair is fair, right?
It may seem logical, but in fact, it doesn’t work that way in residential real estate. In listing their home, Sellers have already committed to paying the Realtor’s commission. Whether you use a Realtor or not, it is unlikely to change the Seller’s fee or what the selling agent will make. The selling agent has a contract with the seller and is ultimately working for the seller and cannot guide you with regards to price, what you should offer, what terms you should put and also what should be included in the purchase price other than the normal appliances etc.
The most important point to keep in mind is what happens when there is a problem and you don’t have your own realtor working for you. This is a real life story that happened a couple of years ago with some clients of mine.I received a call from a couple wanting to use a Remax agent to represent them with their purchase of a new townhouse that they had already picked out. They asked if I would help them with the purchase. Of course I thought fantastic, sure I will, this is great. So I went there with them to the development we filled out the contract, received all the necessary documents including the  developers disclosure and left. From that time we have 7 days to read the disclosure and then put the balance of the deposit down. Then it is a firm deal and you then wait until the unit is done and final occupancy is given.
A few months go by and I get a call from my buyers asking me to go and see the unit with them as they went there and they have installed 2 large green hydro boxes in their backyard. They virtually had no backyard anymore and were very disappointed to say the least. We talked with the staff at the complex and they were willing to possibly change units but my clients didn’t care for the other locations that were available.
So our next step is to reread the disclosure statement provided by the developer to see if there is anything in there that would allow us to get the deposit back and find something else somewhere else. In the disclosure there was a clause that said something like “the developer does not know of or will not change anything that will affect the value of the property”. So knowing from other complexes with hydro boxes in some yards, it takes twice as long to sell and for at least $10,000 less.
The developer was not willing to give the deposit back even though I had written a letter pointing out the above clause, pointed out the large hydro boxes and well before final occupancy. So we had a lawyer send the same letter and we did get the full deposit back and went and purchased something else.
Moral of this story is you MUST have your own representation when buying real estate, someone that is looking after YOUR best interest.
Liz Crawford
Remax Treeland Realty

My journey at 50

Published: May 28, 2014
So the question was what to blog about?

I am sure many of you are working on the same journey as I am. I turned 50 last year, peri menopausal, gained weight, hormones are crazy but I choose not to let it beat me.So I thought I would share my journey in the hopes that it will inspire others.
I decided about a year ago to work on myself. I am now taking Usana essential vitamins and antioxidants and am feeling pretty good.
Then I met a chiropractor which I had been seeing for about a year. I went faithfully every 2 weeks for a long time. I am happy to say my back feels great now.
So onto the next pain which is my knee. I hurt it about 7 years ago and it has never been the same. So when I exercise my knee swells and it is tight. I have just started to go to physio so I will keep you posted on how that goes.
What I am finding is we have to be persistent and consistent in our journey to being healthy and fit. I have incorporated more of a healthy eating plan with a Usana protein shake for breakfast in which I add fruit, seeds such as pumpkin, flax, sesame, chia, hemp, ice and water and mix it up for a nutritious breakfast that is fast, easy and I can take it to go. It also keeps me full until lunch which I usually have some kind of salad with chicken or fish and for dinner some kind of protein (meat, fish, chicken) and veggies.
I have joined Oxygen hot yoga in Cloverdale and have been doing at least 3 classes a week since March 31, 2014. They have many levels and I just go to the level 1 class until I gain more strength and flexibility. I have tried other yoga studios but this is the only one I have stuck with. With the dry heat it warms me from the inside out.
I also bought an elliptical machine as it is easier on the knee’s and I can do 20 to 30 minutes on my off yoga days. Today I did 30 minutes on the fat burning setting and burned 326 calories and went 2.6 miles. I thought that was pretty good, now I will see how it has affected my knee later today.
Like any new habit or changes to our lifestyle it takes time for it to become normal and a true part of our life. So be kind to yourself and start with one thing. You don’t need to go to classes or have machines just start something new that will take you in the direction you want to go.
 If you need some encouragement I am here for you.

Everything you need to know Before buying or selling a mobile home

Published: February 22, 2013
What you need to know about mobile home (manufactured home) BEFORE you buy or sell:

1) A manufactured home cannot be sold or moved unless it is registered with the Manufactured Home Registry.

2) Used manufactured homes MUST display a label provided by the appropriate provincial safety manager, In BC, that’s known as the silver label, indicating approval by the BC Safety Authority (BCSA) In other words if you cannot find the label, it has been removed, painted over or sided over etc. One will need to obtained by a licensed electrical contractor.

3) There is a cost involved and it will depend on any repairs required. It takes 2 electricians and a better part of the day to do this job. It is usually about $1500.00 plus any repairs if there are any.

4) It is a good selling feature though as now all the electrical has been checked and if there was anything wrong or not working it will have been repaired. Giving a buyer piece of mind.

5) I have full details about the procedure and who to call to have this done if you need help with it.

6) When changing cupboards in your mobile make sure you keep the cupboard with the details of the home on it. It includes the registration number, CSA number, make and model and year it was manufactured. Newer homes will have the CSA number on the electrical panel. If it is a older home sometimes the CSA sticker was on the outside of the home next to the front or back door.

7) Manufactured homes can be purchased in many parks in the lower mainland. Many of the parks you will have a pad rent anywhere from $425.00 per month to $850.00 depending where they are.

8) You can purchase a manufactured home that you own the land, you will initially pay more for the home but a very low maintenance fee of $85.00 per month.

9) I would definitely suggest you have a home inspection on your manufactured home as there can be many unforeseen problems, especially when they are older.

10) Manufactured homes can be a good investment and great community to live in. If you are looking for a home and need some advice I know lots about them and would love to work with you.